2006 - 2012

Hormazd Narielwalla | AKRIS  Walter Van Bereindonck & Dirk Van Saene Maurizio Galante | Howard Hodgkin | Jean Paul Lespagnard | Marcus Tomlinson |
Irini Miga  Ioannis Dimitrousis | Yorgos Eleftheriades & Kristina P Paul Graves | Zoe Keramea | Yannis Kyriakides | Angelo Plessas | Carlos Soto | Jannis Varelas
Robert Wilson | Vassilis Barbarigos | Angelos Bratis | Michael Cepress | Deux Hommes | Vasso GavaisseIleana Alkistis Giannakoura |  Demna Gvasalia | Bas Kosters | Amandine Labidoire | MI- RO | Esmeralda Panagiotarou | Aurore Thibout | Johanna TrudzinskiDionisis & Marianna Kavallieratos, Sifis Likakis & Nikitas Broukakis

The above artists and designers have participated in the RIPPING ATOPOS project.

In the project, ATOPOS commissions artists and fashion designers in order to create their own works of art or garments, either inspired by specific pieces or by using duplicates of the 1960s paper dresses from the ATOPOS collection. The project started in 2006, in the context of organizing the RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion exhibition with the aim to create new objects for display. Additionally, the project aims to highlight the creative element of the
1960s paper dress fad itself, where the owners were encouraged to personalize their paper dresses.

The results of the project have come in various forms and mediums; dresses, collages, installations, musical pieces, videos, web animations and more. The project proposes a new way to link art and fashion with collections as well as to create a very close and creative collaboration between an organization and artists or designers.

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