Ripping Girl

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The whole of the RRRIPP!! Collection became an inspiration for the well-known visual artist Angelo Plessas (b. 1974) in 2007, who created the animation “Ripping and Sleeping”. Of Greek and Italian origin, Plessas is based in Athens and his work is made in and around the internet.

”he patterns and paper led me in a way to the creation of an animated collage with the character of a girl that is wearing such a dress. She unfolds rolls of paper with the patterns on the floor creating a mosaic optical effect, while sometimes she tears the rolls that she has ritually stepped on. The animation has no duration and the girl fills the screen with infinite patterns as if she is preparing the set for a future psychedelic commune”

 Excerpt from a written interview to M. Pichou on the occasion of the article
“The ATOPOS RIPPING Project: a “new” life for dress objects ?” (COSTUME, volume 54, issue 2, 2020)

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