2007 - 2014

Paper Fashion Exhibition

The RRRIPP!! exhibition introduces its visitors to something that has hardly been researched and is almost unknown to the broader public. The exhibition is registered in a historical context which examines new open ways to approach questions regarding the invention of raw material and textile, and consequently garment manufacture know-how, such as for non-woven materials. The focus is in fact on a particularly innovative non-woven material, paper, as well as paper-like materials.

Providing a comprehensive representation of paper clothing in the history of dress and design and numbering today more than five hundred items, the RRRIPP!! Collection forms the basis of the RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion exhibition.

Based on the original idea and research of Vassilis Zidianakis, Paper Fashion is a touring exhibition that adapts to the different visual angles and challenges of each venue. Always seeking new ways of presentation and placing particular emphasis on the ephemeral, fragile, humble and poetic nature of paper garments, Paper Fashion aims to showcase key pieces from the RRRIPP!! Collection together with special loans from designers, collectors, museums and institutions.

Since it’s original presentation at the Benaki Museum, Athens (2007), ATOPOS cvc has been invited to present Paper Fashion at the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg (2008), at the ModeMuseum-MoMu, Antwerp (2009), at the Fast Fashion Festival, Bologna (2009), in Museum Bellerive/Design Museum, Zurich (2010), Chadstone, Melbourne (2011)in Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen (2013)and most recently in The Hellenic Center, London (2019)

Since 2011 until 2014, Barbican International Enterprises had undertaken the exhibition’s touring and promotion. Paper fashion is under the auspices of: Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports.


RRRIPP! Paper Fashion catalogue is distributed by IDEA BOOKS

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