The German fashion designer Johanna Trudzinski (b. 1979) was given a colourful paper dress fabric. She created two Indian-inspired children’s outfits adorned with feathers and glitter as if they were fancy-dress costumes. Trudzinski included these outfits in her Antwerp Royal Academy graduate collection show entitled ‘With My Own Two Hands’ in 2006.

“I was working on my graduation collection back then and a big part of my inspiration came from the 70ties. That matched really well with the collection of ATOPOS…. I connected it to my graduation collection´s theme, which was a collection forming a rainbow one silhouette next to the other. It started with the first outfit in white and ended with a black one, and ten colours in between, since the fabric I received had a print with different colours I thought I would use two kids as the last models combining all the colours I used separately before, so i added even more colour to the existing fabric.”

Excerpt  from a written interview to M. Pichou on the occasion of the article
“The ATOPOS RIPPING Project: a “new” life for dress objects ?” (COSTUME, volume 54, issue 2, 2020)