Apr 06 2011

Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother

Theatron Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos

254 Pireos Street, Athens

ATOPOS cvc participates in 4Fashion Shake III – ‘Poetry in Motion’ by OZON with ‘Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother’, a collection of collage-drawings by artist Hormazd Narielwalla, inspired by fashion lover Diane Pernet. The drawings are made-up of various pieces, generated from different sources but all have a common thread – they are all made up of paper. Narielwalla, commissioned by ATOPOS cvc, brings this iconic fashionista to life using either authentic paper garments or images of paper dresses from the Atopos Paper Dress Collection, pattern drafts extracted from a Victorian pattern-cutting book (London College of Fashion archive) and discarded Savile Row patterns of men who are long dead.

HORMAZD NARIELWALLA (GB, 1979), Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother, 2011

I was still researching for my PhD at the University of Arts, London when Vassilis contacted me to collaborate. He was very interested in my process and use of materials. I was beginning an arts practice using tailoring and sewing paper patterns, interpreted into figurative and abstract collages. This fit very well for Vassilis’ archive of paper dresses. There was a similarity between paper sewing patterns and the dresses. This was a very interesting proposition for me to respond to his archive by using the paper dresses to make unique collages in combination with historical patterns that I sourced…

 Vassilis and I were introduced by Diane Pernet and we both felt that she would make a wonderful muse in my work. Also Diane is always dresses in Black, and she herself said that this is the only time anyone can see her in colour. The works used a combination of actual paper dresses and cut outs from the exhibition catalogue.

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