Having worked with Martin Margiela and defining her creations somewhere between art and fashion, the French fashion designer Aurore Thibout (b. 1979) describes her work as ‘inspired by the concept of Memory and Trace of Time’. Thibout enclosed the paper dress given to her in a new 1960s fashion-inspired dress made of felt, a technique she was working with at the time. Thibout’s approach addressed the poetic and fragile qualities of paper and she named her wearable creation ‘Chrysalis’. The idea was to recreate the new piece like “… a plant in a herbarium, pressed in between two sheets of paper. It was a way to reveal and preserve shapes and details of this original cloth as a vegetable kept into two layers of felt, completely embedded [. . .] It could become a pattern, a flat souvenir of what it was [. . .] This Paper Dress is also floating into the fibers of wool as embryo. Waiting for its new birth.”

 Excerpts  from a written interview to M. Pichou on the occasion of the article
“The ATOPOS RIPPING Project: a “new” life for dress objects ?” (COSTUME, volume 54, issue 2, 2020)


Aurore Thibout