Jan 15 2007

Lisa Paper Dress

In 1966, Mars Manufacturing Company produced its “Paint-your-own-dress”: a white dress, sold with a box of watercolours and a paintbrush. Andy Warhol was enlisted to promote this collection, by painting a dress for Nico, singer of The Velvet Underground. He silk-screened the word “FRAGILE” over it and signed it “Dali”.

Forty years later, another American artist, Robert Wilson, was commissioned by Atopos cvc to “Paint-his-own-dress”. “Lisa” was created by painting on a white paper dress made by Mars Manufacturing Company, that now is part of the Atopos Paper Dress Collection. The Lisa dress was named after Robert Wilson’s beloved friend Lisa de Kooning (January 29, 1956 – November 23, 2012), the daughter of painter Willem de Kooning.