2010 - 2023


72 Salaminos str. 104 35 Athens

#OccupyAtopos is the residency programme of ATOPOS cvc. The main focus of the programme is on interdisciplinary research and the study of contemporary visual culture of the human body. The programme emphasizes the embodied experience and the narrated character of the gendered and racialized body, personal and collective trauma, memory, systems of embodied cognition, as well as the relationship between the body, social justice, and ecology. Its mission is to observe and support the creative process of emerging artists, designers, curators and thinkers.

The programme consists of a series of residencies that produce through original research, site-specific installations and exhibitions, workshops, publications, lectures and discussions, performances, videos, experimental sounds, as well as other forms of original collaboration.

#OccupyAtopos is originated in 2010 and hosted in Atopos building, 72 Salaminos str which has been declared a historic monument and a work of art by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The unique architectural design of the building with its successive rooms and areas makes it an ideal artist residency space and studio, a meeting point where creative ideas are born and artists meet. The building is a typical example of an Athenian townhouse with a courtyard and loggia. It was built in 1912 in the Beaux Arts / Neoclassical style and has remained in its original condition ever since.

The residency programme has collaborated with Documenta 14 in Athens in the context of its artist residency programme from September 2016 to July 2017. Since 2019 the programme is collaborating with the non profit organisation ARC Athens (USA).

 The artists below have participated in the residency programme of ATOPOS cvc until now:

Camille Pradon | Carla Maldonado| Deniz Kirkali | Kasia Wojcik | Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri | Maëlle Gross | Eleni Riga | Linnéa Bake Tariku Shiferaw Anita Bateman | Assaf HidenAlexis FidetzisHopeChloé Paré  |  Tomashi Jackson | Miranda Lash  |  Fenia Kotsopoulou & Daz Disley  |  Eleanor Vonne Brown & Roland Brauchli  |  Tom Konyves  |  Aimée Lê  |  Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou | FYTA | Andrew SpyrouSalvatore Lacagnina  |  Paolo Do  |  Lydia Kamitsis  |  Ibrahim Mahama  |  Nevin Aladağ  |  Daniel Knorr  |  Bouchra Khalili  |  The_Dreamer  |  NAR  |  Ren Hang  |  Kostis Fokas  |  Clo’e Floirat  |  David Marinos  |  Boris Hoppek  | The CallasCraig Green |  Shoboshobo