The Callas (Lakis & Aris Ionas) have been participating in the #OccupyAtopos residency project from September 12 until October 30, 2011. ATOPOS cvc introduced its new theme of research on the human body and sexual practices in the digital era with the exhibition of ”Peepee”.

The Callas are formed by the artists Lakis and Aris Ionas. Through the past years they have playfully mixed diff erent disciplines including music, fashion and performance. Through a DIY aesthetic they fuse traditional Greek elements such as architecture, costumes, myths and embroidery, with elements from the Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll culture. The Callasettes are formed by: Annita Polichroni, Marilena Petridou, Maria Nikoloulea and Agni Papadelli Rosetou.