Photograph by Nemanja Knežević. Source: http://www.designed.rs/intervju/boris_hoppek  

Boris Hoppek has been participating in the Occupy Atopos residency in the spring of 2012. The outcome of his residency was presented in the ‘’Full of Love’’ exhibition in Atopos building from May 17 until June 17.
ATOPOS cvc in collaboration with Boris Hoppek also created the catalogue Slaves to Atopos #6: La Vagina & El Penis, a limited edition zine.

German graffiti and street artist Boris Hoppek has continuously de-contextualised iconographic figures, taking them to a level of abstraction that allows him to address explicit political themes, such as immigration, racism, violence and sexual abuse. The variety of his work is unlimited; challenging every surface: taking his strong characters not only onto walls, but also on any material of everyday life. Hoppek draws quickly with a reduced line, using basic colors, thus creating his own character universe while using a very specific, often drastic visual language. Hoppek has exhibited in galleries from Barcelona to Berlin.

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