May 16 2012

La Vagina & El Penis

The 6th issue of the Slaves to Atopos zine series has been published on the occasion of the FULL OF LOVE exhibition by German artist Boris Hoppek (May 17th- June 17 2012). Contrary to traditional exhibition catalogues, La Vagina & El Penis consisted of drawings, photographs and nude studies. With original texts by Vassilis Zidianakis, Hgb Fideljus, Carrie Snatch, Paladin Fantasys and Daniel Rolnik, the 73-page La Vagina was dominated by fantasies, humor and passion. Love and all its forms of expression are approached without hesitations, while inner thought and confessions were transformed into pleasurable readings. The 16-page El Penis inset also included the ‘In Praise of Group Sex’ essay by Panayoths Evangelidis, a special guide to the benefits of sex with multiple partners.

Slaves to Atopos #6, La Vagina & El Penis
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