Dec 03 2014 - Jan 21 2015


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

Clo’e Floirat was the second resident of the Occupy Atopos project. Clo’e is an art critic and artist: “artist-critic”. She combines drawing and writing into what she calls “drawing Crit’ writing”, critiquing contemporary art events and current affairs in her own distinctive manner. “Her work is not an end”, as British writer Natalie Ferris indicates, “but an intermediary to urge for more thoughts and opinions, to foster our individual esprit critique.”

Clo’e has studied in New York, London (MA in Critical Writing in Art & Design, Royal College of Art) and the Netherlands (Design Academy of Eindhoven) and has participated in various Atopos projects, ARRRGH!, Slaves to Atopos and Mon Petit Chou. A regular contributor to various publications, such as artpress, Intramuros and l’Officiel Art, she also works with Colette in Paris, Hermès and Illycaffè while continuing her collaborations with Robert Wilson as well as Rufus Wainwright in New York for several years.

Clo’e took over the premises of Atopos and produced original works for the Atopos subject matter and research in progress titled Unlocked: the depiction of the naked human body and how it is captured by the new generation of artists of Tumblr and social media.

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December 3rd

Exhibition Days & Hours
December 10th, 17th – January 7th, 14th // 14:00-22:00