2012 - 2015

The second Chou in the Mon Petit Chou project has been French, Paris-based, art critic and artist, “artistic critic”, Clo’e Floirat. Vassilis Zidianakis and Angelos Tsourapas first met Clo’e in the summer of 2011 in Atopos’ participation at the 18th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit, at Watermill Center, NY. Since then Clo’e has commented/reported/criticized on the ARRRGH! exhibition at la Gaîté lyrique, Paris and at Centraal Museum, Utrecht, through her unique Split-Line-Crit. Having mixed and blended different disciplines and formats, she investigated ‘Critical Drawing’ alongside ‘Critical Writing’, merging both into what she calls “Drawing Crit”. Clo’e's Critical Drawings can be sarcastic, speculative, supportive or pensive; still they remain open to interpretations and invite for creative thinking, maintaining a field of possibilities.

Clo’e Floirat @ the Atopos Collection