Dec 03 2014

by mon petit chou #clo'efloirat

Click here  for the accompanying sound #1
Click here  for the accompanying sound #2

This series of works was created by Atopos’ Mon Petit Chou, Clo’e Floirat, during her participation in the Atopos Unlocked program through her residency in the Occupy Atopos residency series. The French artist browsed through Atopos’ Tumblr and selected a number of photos that constitute part of the Unlocked research. These images were then processed into a series of collages “mixing” the photos with a number of new “critical drawings” that Clo’e produced during her residency. All the new works were inspired by the Unlocked project and aim to criticise in a sarcastic manner the modern human and sexual relationships in the social media era.

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