2013 - 2015

Published by ATOPOS cvc, Athens
Editor and Art Director: Vassilis Zidianakis, ATOPOS cvc
ISBN: 978-960-89637-5-7

UNLOCKED is a book in the form of a photo narrative that attempts to “unlock” the depiction of the Naked Body in the post-photographic, digital era. Based on an original idea and research by Vassilis Zidianakis the 512-page publication presents the work of more than 140 international photographers and artists and it  takes the form of an original composition of images sourced from the Internet and our constantly evolving relationship with photography and image.

Nude images by professional and amateur artists and individuals flood our screens. Our bodies, depicted in everyday situations and in their most intimate moments, are captured and instantly posted on the various forms of social media. These images, often in their original state and other times edited, recycled and twisted to extremes, wreak visual havoc with their originality and crudeness. Nudity and raw eroticism are normalised and transformed into a popular topic of presentation on modern digital platforms.

As part of the UNLOCKED research ATOPOS cvc launched the Occupy Atopos artist residency in 2014 and the Atopos BlahBlahBlah program of events, performances, workshops and discussions in 2015.

“Vassilis Zidianakis’ vision has contributed to surpassing the modernist puritanism (crime and ornament), in that there is no hierarchy between the idea and its implementation…UNLOCKED is political because it reverses the order of dominant thinking.”

Jérôme Delormas, Director of la Gaîté lyrique, Paris

Participating Artists:

Aaron McElroy (US), Akis Karanos (GR), Akuma Aizawa (ES) , Alessandro Ruggieri (IT), Amie Norris (US), Anaïs Boudot (FR), Andreas Nitschke (DE), Andreas Schimanski (DE), Andrew Lyman (US), Andrey Bogush (RU), Anne Lamb (US), Asger Carlsen (DK), Bart Hess (NL), Bernhard Handick (DE), Bill Durgin (US), Blaise Cepis (US), Blommers & Schumm (NL), Boris Hoppek (HR), Borys Makary (PL), Brandon Shade (US), Bridget Collins (US), Bronwen Parker-Rhodes (UK), Céline Manz (CH), Charles-Antoine Chappuis (CH), Cheyenne Sophia (US), Chloe Rosser (UK), Choi Hansol (KP), Christopher Schulz (US), Coco Young (US), Corrado Dalcò (IT), Czar Kristoff (PH), David Brandon Geeting (US), David Marinos (GR/UA), David Uzochukwu (BE), DelaDeso / Richie Velazquez (US), Don Elektro (DE), Dwi Asrul Fajar (ID), Elena Helfrecht (DE), Eli Craven (US), Elinor Carucci (IL), Elizabeth Renstrom (US), Erevank Argel (MX), Eric T. White (US), Ethan Tate (US), Eva Stenram (SE), Eylül Aslan (TR), Florian Tenk (DE), Francesco Nazardo (IT), Gertjan Decock (BE), Gorsad (UK), Greg Haji Joannides (GR), Gustavo Sagorsky (AR), Hanna Antonsson (SE), Hannah Godley (UK), Harold Diaz (US), Harry Gould Harvey IV (US), Heidi Andreasen (DK), Heitor Magno (BR), Hobbes Ginsberg (US), Hope (GR), Iztok Klančar (SI), Jacopo Benassi (IT), Jan Durina (SK), Jan Hoek (NL), Javier Rey (CO), Jayson Edward Carter (US), Jerry Seguin (US), Jess T. Dugan (US), Jesse Draxler (US), João Oliveira (PT), Karolin Klüppel (DE), Kate Peters (UK), Kent Andreasen (ZA), Khrysta Lloren (CA), Kohey Kanno (JP), Kostis Fokas (GR), Kristie Muller (CA), Lauren Winsor (UK), Laurence Philomène (CA), Laurence Rasti (CH), Lukasz Wierzbowski (PL), Maciek Jasik (PL), Maisie Cousins (UK), Manuel Moncayo (MX), Marco Dir (SK), Marlous van der Sloot (NL), Martin Laporte (CA), Martin Petersen (DE), Marton Perlaki (HU), Mathilde Giron (FR), Maxime Ballesteros (FR), Maxime Leyvastre (FR), Mayumi Hosokura (JA), Melchior Τersen (FR), Michael Max McLeod (US), Miranda Lehman (US), Momo Okabe (JA), Natalie Krick (US), Nico Krijno (ZA), Olivier Pin-Fat (UK), Pacifico Silano (US), Paul Knight (AU), Paul Kooiker (NL), Pedro Ivan (PO), Peter Kaaden (DE), Peter Puklus (RO), Photographer Hal (JA), Pinar Yolaçan (TU), Polly Brown (UK), Pretty Puke (US), Ren Hang (CH), Rik Garrett (US), Robert Wilson (US), Romain Brunet (FR), Ryan James Caruthers (US), Ryan Lowry (US), Sarah Bahbah (AU), Sarah Hamburger (US), Sasha Cresdee (UK), Sasha Kurmaz (UA), Sergey Melnitchenko (UA), Sergey Rogov (RU), Shae DeTar (US), Shohei Miyachi (JA), Silva+Cemin (BR), Simon Kossoff (UK), Stelios Kallinikou (CY), Steoville (CO), Synchrodogs (UA), Theo Spencer (UK), Thobias Malmberg (SE), Thomas Mailaender (FR), Thomas McCarty (US), Tiane Doan na Champassak (FR), Tibor Somodi (HU), Tohko Murakami (JA), Tycho Posthumus (NL), Tyler Spangler (US), V. Alard Lisbet (US), Vanessa Omoregie (UK), Vivian Fu (US), Vladimir Besson (FR), Will Rockel (US), Yiorgos Mavropoulos (GR), Zak Krevitt (US)


Preface by Stamos Fafalios, Director of ATOPOS cvc, Athens
Foreword by Jérôme Delormas, Director of la Gaîté lyrique, Paris
Editor’s Note by Vassilis Zidianakis, Artistic Director of ATOPOS cvc, Athens

UNLOCKED book is supported by NEON Organization for Culture and Development


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