Oct 21 2015


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

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BlahBlahBlah is Atopos’ project that focuses on text and speech. Curated by Vassilis Zidianakis, it is inspired by the research of the Unlocked publication and includes a number of events, lectures, presentations, special projects, performances, workshops and reading nights in Atopos premises. Atopos BlahBlahBlah has continued with Panagiotis Evangelidis.

The director, scriptwriter, author and translator from Greece has been awarded for a series of works, such as his documentary They Glow in The Dark (2013), and he is the co-writer of Strella (2009) and Xenia (2014) scripts, directed by Panos Koutras. Evangelidis wrote his first novel in 1993 and he is one of the most important translators of Japanese literature in Greece.

As part of the Atopos Blah Blah Blah project Panagiotis Evangelidis organised a discussion on issues relating to Body Image, Nudity, Communication and Sexuality in the era of Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. Aris and Lakis Ionas (The Callas), Fivos Sakalis, Akis Kapranos, Greg Haji Joannides, Maria Cyber, Niki Sotiropoulou, Orestis Plakias and more were invited to share their views in a discussion open to the public.

During the event ATOPOS cvc “unlocked” its premises and a number of key pieces of the Atopos collection had been presented, such as the recently obtained creations of Atopos’ Mon Petit Chou, Craig Green.

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October 21st // 20:00


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