Nov 18 2015


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

BlahBlahBlah is Atopos’ project that focuses on text and speech. Curated by Vassilis Zidianakis, it is inspired by the research of the Unlocked publication and includes a number of events, lectures, presentations, special projects, performances, workshops and reading nights in Atopos premises. Atopos BlahBlahBlah continued with Georges Jacotey .

Georges Jacotey is a performance and visual artist who works with video, gender and the problematisation of identity – on and offline.  He is currently examining notions of queer art, queer representation, gender-fluidity, self-improvement and self-publication using the Internet as his primary tool and territory. As part of Atopos #BlahBlahBlah he presents his sound installation and live reading titled Lana, Tears of Emotion:

“I’ve realized, suddenly, I had to become cold, stone cold to survive. Cause there’s this way or the way back, and the way back means death, but not the one I wish to die. How can I possibly write songs though being stone cold, how to do art… That’s what I was thinking and I started crying. Haha… Every time I talk about my anxieties I’m afraid I sound stupid.”

During the event ATOPOS cvc “unlocked” its premises and presented a number of collectible items of the Atopos Paper Dress Collection, the largest paper dress collection in the world.

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Date and Hour
November 18th // 19:00 (the performance starts at 20:00)


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