Feb 09 2022

WASTE/D: Paralinguistic Insurgencies

Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή

In the context of the #OccupyAtopos #AlexisFidetzis #RevoltingBodies / Exhibition II, ATOPOS invites the Temporary Academy of Arts (PAT) to present the WASTE/D live: paralinguistic insurgencies, a live event as part of WASTE/D, an ongoing art and pedagogy research project on social and artistic potential in times of extended crisis.

Having as a starting point the works of Natasa Biza, The trial of diacritics, 2016, Yota Ioannidou, A case of perpetual no (2018-ongoing) and Vangelis Vlahos, 2 shots without sound, 2018 and this event has now ended (Tsakalotos’ notes), 2016-2017, which will be shown during the event, performance theoristHypatia Vourloumis will present her research on what she terms “paralinguistic insurgencies” in order to think through notions of linguistic waste and excess, and their relation to social and political norms that define the “proper.” She will bring her ongoing research on anticolonial poetics, sound studies, and performativity into conversation with the art and research projects of her co-presenters, and the larger themes explored around waste/dness and revolting bodies.
A discussion with the members of the Temporary Academy of Arts, PAT (Elpida Karaba, Yota Ioannidou, Vangelis Vlahos, Despina Zefkili) will follow.

The presentation is virtual via ZOOM

You can watch the event here (it’s in Greek language)

WASTE/D started in 2019 and has already been developed in a series of live events and publications (https://temporaryacademy.org/). In April 2022, the Temporary Academy of Arts (Elpida Karaba, Giota Ioannidou, Vangelis Vlachos, Despina Zefkili) will inaugurate its collaboration with State of Concept Athens, by assuming its artistic directorship for a year, and presenting WASTE/D Pavilion, a project comprising exhibitions, public events, performances, educational activities, screenings, lectures, workshops, discussions and readings around the thematic axes of waste, surplus and abject. WASTE/D Pavilion is part of State of Concept Athens’ new research chapter “Coalition of the Care-full”, under the European Pavilion, an international programme organized by the European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with six cultural organizations from Europe: Studio Rizoma Palermo, Arna Vombsjösänkan, Iniva London, L’Internationale, Brunnenpassage Vienna and State of Concept Athens.

PAT/The Temporary Academy of Arts was initiated by Elpida Karaba in 2014. PAT (the Greek abbreviation of Temporary Academy of Arts) is a mobile academy of arts and at the same time an art project of experimental education that adopts mechanisms from various systems of knowledge and art practices for the production and transmission of artistic programs and the construction of their historicity. PAT proposes the development of a para-institutional action.

Hypatia Vourloumis is a performance theorist. She is the author of Formless Formation with Sandra Ruiz (Minor Compositions, 2021). Publications include essays in Theatre Journal, Performance Research, and Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory among others. She is co- editor of the special issue ‘On Institutions’ for Performance Research Journal and is completing a monograph on the politics and performance of Indonesian postcolonial paralanguage. She teaches at the Dutch Art Institute.

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