May 18 2021

International Museum Day 2021: 'The Future of the Museums: Recover and Reimagine'

Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή


ATOPOS cvc participates in the International Museum Day organized by ICOM on May 18th. Each year‘s theme proposed by ICOM’s network and aimed to promote museum issues within society.
Schrödinger’s Revolution has been exclusively created for the International Museum Day 2021 with the theme ‘The Future of the Museums: Recover and Reimagine’, which will be digital this year as well. The project will be presented through the online/digital platform until the end of December.

With this event, ATOPOS cvc will be focusing on the substance of the digital artworks, including NFTs; the new digital art currency. What is it that changes and for whom, when materiality and physicality are being replaced by representations and simulations.”
Schrödinger’s Revolution emerged as a creative response to the paradox of the National Gallery’s vernissage of March 24, 2021. On that day, the largest gallery in the country was transformed into a cinematic studio to host an exhibition that was only visible through television sets, for an audience comprised of the citizens to whom the actual exhibition was addressed. Unlike other large institutions that transformed their program in the context of the pandemic and formulated creative curatorial approaches using the possibilities offered by the internet, the National Gallery seemed satisfied to open a large exhibition concerning the bicentennial celebrations of the Greek revolutionary war to be only perceived by the general public as a background of political reportage. The only access to the exhibition allowed was as a backdrop to the news footage that depicted the heir to the British throne and other officials enjoying the flowers of Greek patriotic iconography. The whole condition becomes even more interesting and potentially ironic if we consider that this exhibition consisting of a set of historical signifiers of the revolutionary fantasy, ended up itself being opened to the public in the form of a media simulation.
This strange relationship between representation, reality and a museum’s institutional role in society was a source of inspiration for this presentation.
As part of the #RevoltingBodies project, the artist and historian Alexis Fidetzis, who has been invited by the artistic director of ATOPOS cvc, Vassilis Zidianakis to be the resident artist of the annual Residency Programme #OccupyAtopos2021, invites in turn seven artists to create original works that negotiate the condition of an exhibition that simultaneously does and does not exist. The projects presented through the digital platform have been converted to non-fungible token (NFT), a new digital tool that converts works into a token equivalent to cryptocurrencies and plays with the role of a museum institution as an organization that applies artistic and economic value on its exhibits.

Schrödinger’s Revolution is an integral part of the exhibitions and discussions that will be conducted as part of the cross-sectional project #RevoltingBodies and are intended to problematize the concept of revolution and diagnose the ways in which revolutionary fantasy is imposed on human bodies.

Participant Artists: Eva Giannakopoulou, Michalis Zacharias, Alexandros Kaklamanos, Eleftheria Kotzaki, Konstantinos Lianos, Panos Sklavenitis, Alexis FidetzisSotiris Fokeas

Curation: Alexis Fidetzis
Duration: 18 May – 20 December 2021