#TextMe_FluffyLibrary / ''Deviant Monsters''

Fenia Kotsopoulou and Daz Disley have been participating in the Occupy Atopos residency from January 19 until 25, in collaboration with Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou as part of the #TextMe_FluffyLibrary events.

Fenia Kotsopoulou is a cross-disciplinary artist and associate-lecturer for the University of Lincoln, UK. She holds an MFA in Choreographing Live Art (University of Lincoln), a BA in Dance (National Dance Academy of Rome) and Italian Language and Literature (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Working in the fields of dance, performance, video, photography and alternative image-making, Fenia’s work interrogates memory, time, (de)construction of identity, and body-centred shame.

Daz Disley is a video & sound artist and technical facilitator. His work has been seen at festivals all over the world, and he’s a keen experimenter in both digital and analog domains, exploring a variety of alternative image-making processes and hardware systems design. As a board-member and resident-artist with the organisation ‘SlumGothic’ working with disadvantaged communities in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire to leverage arts and art-practice as social-glue, he regularly gets involved in delivering events and festivals at ‘x-church’.