Dec 02 2018

02 December 2018, 21:00

Atopos cvc
72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

On Sunday evening let’s relax upon Fluffy and watch queer short films!!!!

After the sensation of the Porn Film Festival, which included screenings of The Real Athens Queer DIY, it was decided the planning of a more intimate screening inside Antigoni’s Tsagkaropoulou Fluffy Library.

Start: 21:00  *limited seats*

The programme is curated by Alex Tsoli.

♥Τα ΦΥΤΑ σε διακοπάς/Plants on Holiday, FYTA, GR 2018, 2’

Copper Crush, Hysterical Dana, Metatheodosia, filtig, GR 2016, 6′
A cyborg? A scientist*? A test drive? This vignette could be questioning the value of power, knowledge, science and its performativity – what is knowledge and how informed is science? How seriously does it take itself and how seriously do we/should we take it? How is it connected to BDSM? Or the film could just be an attempt at queer tentacle porn and a tribute to sci-fi trashy movies.

♥ Στην Πλαζ / At the Beach, Eva Giannakopoulou, GR 2016, 4′

Approaching the mother-son relationship as a necessary and ambiguous -yet implicit- erotic conjunction, the artist explores the limits between acceptable and unacceptable through “orthodox” formulations and audio stimulations.
With a “self managed” camera, in a deserted beach of an island, she attempts to question the sacredness-mother(ness) binary, making use of deviation and divergence tactics, whilst adopting a motherhood ambivalent model under the light and the heat of the summer sun.
♥ Carmela’s garden, Prokne, GR 2018, 6′

Prokne wonders how can sexuality have such a radical potency while it’s made out of the simplest “garments”. To imagine an answer Prokne links sex to domesticity and reproduction.

♥ f00l, Thanatos, GR 2015, 4′
“f00l” places the reading of the Fool’s card of Tarot on the basis of perversion, far from mystical interpretations.
In the video, a line of visual elements unfolds, forming a network of connections within this particular narrative, resembling a dream or a vision, which borrows from mystical, nihilist and perverse discourses.

♥ Σεμέν (Semén), Metatheodosia, GR 2016, 8′

This performance is an attempt to escape societal and family values as they are taught along with the socialization of a person who is assigned female at birth in a greek (sic) social context.
Metatheodosia plays with symbols of domesticity and reappropriates them in order to bring them out to broad daylight, along with different kinds of hidden matter, such as menstruation blood. The dystopian soundtrack of family gatherings, among those a wedding at the church is projected on Metatheodosia’s body, on the doilies (σεμέν), on the landscape.

♥ Thelo toso na se do, Kopros & Tsolily, GR 2018, 13′

A hot summer day. Εnnui, anticipation and lust. Is Kitty gonna find what she desires? Slurp.

♥ Alkis Papastathopoulos – En Pojke: A video diary of self-portraits, 2013, 6’

A controlled self-portrait, where internal conflict is visualized by four separate selves. Woven throughout are visions of the facets of a life; boys, cigarettes, swing sets. The narrator holds a loose argument with himself about his own masculinity and the effects of his gender identity on his performance of self in a schizophrenic dialogue between selves and spectator.

♥ Go tell your friends I’m still a feminist, Prokne & Filomila, GR 2016, 2′

A video of a somatic exploration of sexual and political archives that challenges the fluidity of time. We were feminists and we still are.

♥ Sacred gulps, Eggs & Legs and Clitus Clitoris, GR 2018, 18′

Sacred Gulps lives within the boundaries of logos (λόγος), playing with three languages (GR, ENG, RU). Ultra-free translations create three different narratives referring to the same words. Music fills the gaps of meaning, designed specifically for each scene, character and situation.
All characters are based on twisted Christian Orthodox stereotypes: The drag mother, an Eco sexual virgin. Her drag son, a drag priest Pater and drag Christ. The son of Pater is Death, speaking as a drag pop idol. Amongst them a drag post-soviet ghost, Pole-MissStress solves their haunting problem.
Sacred Gulps is not a linear narrative. There is no leading role. The performers seem to err within the surreal and symbolic absurdity of their almost everyday life. It is about cultural heritage, love and nonsense.