May 17 - Jun 17 2012

with Boris Hoppek


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

ATOPOS cvc presented the exhibition FULL OF LOVE, with artworks by German graffiti and street artist Boris Hoppek. FULL OF LOVE has been part of Atopos’ theme of research on the human body and sexual practices in the digital era. The exhibition was based on ‘Bimbo’, a Character that expresses human sexuality in a society where each and every individual has its own unique and distinctive sexuality. This was an absolute sexually liberated world. Autoerotism, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Sadomasochism, Fetishism, Crossdressing, Asexuality, form part of accepted love expressions in the FULL OF LOVE universe. Beyond all ethical labels, kinks or taboos there was a unique aphrodisiac blend for each and everyone. FULL OF LOVE was a pleasure manifesto where only one truth reigns; the pursuit of Love through a range of sexual practices.
For the FULL OF LOVE exhibition, ATOPOS cvc in collaboration with Boris Hoppek created the catalogue Slaves to Atopos #6: La Vagina & El Penis, a limited edition zine including drawings, photographs, nude studies and original texts dominated by fantasies, humor and passion.
Boris Hoppek participated in Atopos’ exhibition ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion at the Benaki Museum (Athens, 2011) and has been one of the participating artists in Atopos’ exhibition ARRRGH! Monstres de Mode at La Gaite lyrique (Paris, 2013), while part of his work was featured in Atopos’ publication NOT A TOY. Fashioning Radical Characters.

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