Apr 23 2018 - April 23 2019


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

ATOPOS cvc inaugurates, #TextMe project, a year of actions and events around the book the text arts and reading. #TextMe was an original concept by Atopos artistic director Vassilis Zidianakis.

In the context of UNESCO’s ‘Athens 2018, World Book Capital’, ATOPOS cvc invited the researcher Fil Ieropoulos to curate the parallel programme the #TextMe_Lab.

#TextMe_Lab aspires to transform ATOPOS space into a research center with a series of lectures, discussions, workshops, performances and small exhibitions. All events focus on hybrid languages arising at the intersection of text and other artistic media. Programming themes include: 20th century visual poetry, spoken word performance, the relation between poetry and sound art, and contemporary linguistic phenomena, such as internet pop-culture and new media, and the relation between words and screens. 

Fil Ieropoulos was born in Athens in 1978, studied media arts in London and in 2008 completed his PhD on film poetics. Since 2003 he has been teaching video art at Buckinghamshire New University and has showcased his works at exhibitions, festivals and conferences in Greece and around Europe. He is a member of the neo-situationist duo FYTA, the queer music label Fytini and co-curator of the festival Sound Acts.

-27-29 April 2018 – PokemonPoetry. (performance, workshops)

-02-07 May 2018 – Aimée Le – Reading, Silence, Slogans. (open studio, various actions)

-12 May 2018- SPOONS IN HAIR, WINGS ON GLASSES, SOUNDS ON NOTEBOOKS, Tribute to Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven aka Baroness. (workshop,presentation)

-18 May 2018- Memes and online discourse in Greece. (panel, discussion)

-02 June – Andriana Minou 2018-”Dream-mine”. (performance and Interactive Installation)

-16-18 June 2018- Film Poetry Festival & Symposium in collaboration with the Greek Film Archive. (screenings, discussions, workshop)

-09-16 November: #TextMe_Lab: On clarity between velocity and duration. Crumbs that Chondros and Katsiani left behind to find their way. (presentation, exhibition, discussion)

-01 December: #TextMe_Lab: Lena Platonos, queer readings / tribute (Greek National Opera Alternative Stage, SNFCC)

-o7-13 January: #TextMe_Lab: Roland Brauchli & Eleanor Vonne Brown / The book as a work of art, approaches. (open studio, various actions)


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