Jun 16-18 2018

in the Greek Film Archive

Greek Film Archive

Iera odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136,
104 35 Keramikos, Athens

curation: Fil Ieropoulos

16-17-18 June // Free entrance


Saturday 16 June – Greek Film Archive

19:30, ”Words speak louder than images” / Feminist & Queer Poetry-Films & Film Poems by Greece-based and diaspora artists. Curated by Filtig & Alex Demetriou.
In this collection of films we bring together for the first time feminist and queer film poems and film essays from Greece, as well as artists of the greek diaspora. The films we have collected may have significant aesthetic and methodological differences, but they all have in common both the expression of identity politics claims and the use of language / text at the core of the way they develop their communication structures. The series of these films is presented to accompany the screening of Antoinetta Angelidi’s piece “Topos”, a pioneering feminist work of Greek cinema from 1985, in a rare opportunity of a 35mm projection.

Programme: (Despina Sevasti – One Day Your Children, 4’30”, 2017 / Margarita Athanasiou – The Lost Princess, 11′, 2017 / Alkis Papastathopoulos – En Pojke: A video diary of self-portraits, 6’, 2013 / Anastasia Diavasti – Goofious Serendipity in Domestic Violence, 3′, 2011 / Danae Syrrou, Nanah Palm & Louisa Doloxa – Shadow Wards (excerpts), 4′, 2015 / Prokne & Philomela – Drama Extract, 6’30’, 2015 / Fenia Kotsopoulou – My Body Is, 1’, 2017 / Kassiani Kappelos – Oliver, 10’, 2017 / Eva Giannakopoulou – A flisni greqisht Enver Hoxha?, 3’30”, 2017 / Eggs & Legs and Clitus Clitoris – Pater, 4′, 2017 / Athanasios Anagnostopoulos – I Miss you Like Hell: Master, 5’, 2016 / Eva Stefani – The Kiss, 4′, 2007)

21:00, ”TOPOS” by Antoinetta Angelidi / Film 35 mm, colour, 80 min, Greece, 1985. Introduction by Rea Wallden, plus Q&A with filmmaker.
A parable on place and time. A game of metamorphoses. A passage after death, a second death. A woman gives birth and dies. At the moment of death, her face disintegrates and assumes the aspects of those who stand by her bed. Her body is torn by the conflicts of those who inhabit it and her voice dissolves into many voices and many roles.

The film participated in the Thessaloniki Film Festival (1985). It also participated in international film festivals in Montreal, Vancouver, Osnabruck, Madrid, Zurich, Locarno and Costantine. It was one of the two Greek films chosen by Cahiers du Cinéma to be included in “New Cinema Week” (1985); it was also included in “Cinemythology – a retrospective of Greek Film” [50 films since the beginning of Greek Cinema] in the Museum of Modern Art (M.O.M.A.) in New York (1993) and in the Retrospective of Greek Cinema in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1995). It was screened in festivals, museums, cinématheques and conferences in Greece and abroad. It was also screened in theatres in Athens and Thessaloniki; and several times in national television.

Sunday 17 June - ATOPOS cvc
14:00-17:00, Videopoem workshop with Tom Konyves
In the context of TextMe_Lab, Tom Konyves, a poet, filmmaker and researcher based in Vancouver, will organize a workshop where he will share with the participants some of the methodologies of the ‘videopoem’, a hybrid cinematic genre whose term he coined in 2011. The workshop invites poets and filmmakers to collaborate in order to make a videopoem in one day, using some of the methodological tactics that Tom himself will describe, but also with any means of image and language production they prefer for the composition of their work. The participation in the workshop is free of charge and open to poets and filmmakers who have their own production means (camera and computer with editing software).

*The workshop will take place in English.

Monday 18 June - ATOPOS cvc
20:00-22:00, Film & poetry/poetics discussion
In the final event of the Atopos series on cinema and poetry, three researchers and artists on poetics will discuss some of the methodologies they are interested in and use in the analysis and creation of poetic cinematographic works. Rea Wallden, a researcher and philosopher on the cinematic image with an interest on the avant-garde, Fil Ieropoulos, an academic from Buckinghamshire New University with a doctoral dissertation on the film poem, and Tom Konyves, a poet and filmmaker from Vancouver who drafted the videopoem manifesto, invite the audience to an open discussion about the methodologies of poetic cinema, ideas on the synthesis of language, word and sound, definitions of poetry and the cinematic language, and interdisciplinary translational methods between visual and verbal expressive means. The discussion will take place in English.

Film Poetry Festival & Symposium is the sixth event of #TextMe_Lab. The Lab aspires to transform ATOPOS space into a research centre with a series of lectures, discussions, workshops, performances and small exhibitions. All events focus on hybrid languages arising at the intersection of text and other artistic media. Programming themes include: 20th century visual poetry, spoken word performance, the relation between poetry and sound art, and contemporary linguistic phenomena, such as internet pop-culture and new media, and the relation between words and screens.

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