Mar 08 2020

Squaring the Circle (edition of 27) is the 17th issue of the Slaves to Atopos zine series, published on the occasion of Occupy Atopos #Residency Studio #Chloé Paré by ATOPOS cvc, October 1st, 2019 – March 15th, 2020, supported by MAKE IT Laboratory, Athens Municipal Maker Space.
It is a geometrical problem from antiquity and means ‘constructing a square equal in area to a given circle’, finally proved impossible in 1882. The phrase is used to refer to dealing with an impossible problem or situation.
Squaring the Circle is lasercut paper art-book where the artist Chloé Paré visualizes the process of research with a paper-cut mandala. A circle develops into a square in a visual poem about using one’s hands to give a solution, unfolding a path. Each shape can be removed by the user of the book to the tune of changing permanently.
Technical details: The zine started with an automated digital completion of shapes from circle to square on an arbitrary spiral. After digital processing, it was laser cut. The cutout is on CURIOUS METALLIC ICE GOLD 300g 70x100cm paper by Arjowiggins Creative Papers and cut at speed ~ 100 cm/min and power ~ 20 watt. The packaging is on TRANSPARENT PARCHMENT 102g 70×100 cm and cut at speed ~ 110cm min and power ~15 watt. The laser creates ashes while burning the paper to cut it and are used as part of the project.

*”Squaring the circle”  photoshoot took place in ATOPOS cvc in May 2020 featuring the works “Test dress – cosmos pattern”, “DRESS 2020 I”, “DRESS 2020 II” and “Squaring the circle” created during Occupy Atopos #Residency Studio #Chloé Paré.