Oct 2019 - Mar 2020.


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

Chloé Paré participates in the Occupy Atopos Residency as part of  ATOPOS Studio.
ATOPOS Studio is a pilot program of ATOPOS cvc, in which artists set up their personal studio and their work for a period of time in one of the organisation’s spaces on 72 Salaminos street.
The artist Chloé Paré will do her research on paper and interactivity October 1st, 2019 until March 15th, 2020. During her stay at ATOPOS cvc she realized the interactive project entitled ”DRESS 2020” on January 23rd, 2020. Chloe Pare also contributed to “Slaves to Atopos” zine series with the art-book “Squaring the circle”

Chloé Paré (b. 1996, Athens) is an artist currently based in Athens, Greece. In her praxis, she is experimenting on how interactivity integrates into contemporary sculpture. Paré makes paper objects with a laser cutter. The aim is to play and activate tangibility and action with or through those objects. Her interest in art theory and passion for paper- crafting shape up her body of work.

She has directed several workshops, in which groups and/or individuals are called to express themselves using her creations, with conscious experimentation and subconscious wandering. Communities are encouraged to participate in a planned framework of verbal or non-verbal communication, through artistic creation and working freely on the basis of the given paper piece.

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