2005 - 2014

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an organisation created in 1946 by and for museum professionals. It is a unique network of more than 30,000 members who represent the global museum community, aiming to respond to the challenges museums face worldwide. ICOM is comprised of 114 National Committees and 31 International Committees dedicated to various museum specialties.

The Costume Committee of ICOM is a forum for museum professionals committed to the study, interpretation and preservation of all aspects of apparel. The Committee publishes bibliographies, newsletters and selected research projects, while members and professionals of the specialty meet and present their work and expertise at the Committee’s annual meetings and conferences.

ATOPOS cvc is a member of ICOM and Vassilis Zidianakis and/or Myrsini Pichou (costume researcher) took part in the following ICOM meetings:

> ICOM Costume Committee, 57th Annual Conference, 13-17 June 2005, Berlin, Germany
Theme: On Men: Masculine dress code from the ancient Greeks to cowboys.
Venue:  Deutsches Historisches Museum
Vassilis Zidianakis: La Fustanelle dans le Film ‘Infusion’ de Marcus Tomlinson: Tradition et Innovation.

> ICOM-AVICOM 3rd International Conference of Museology, 5 – 8 June 2006 – Mytilene, Greece
Theme: Audiovisual media as cultural heritage and their use in museums
Venue: Théâtre Municipal of Mytilene and Auditorium of the Commercial Chamber
Vassilis Zidianakis: ‘The video art ‘Infusion’, ‘Issey Miyake Fête: Constellations’, & ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’: Three original approaches of costume exhibits – three audiovisual works as exhibits

> ICOM Costume Committee, 58th Annual Conference, 8-13 October 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark and Lund, Sweden
Theme: Costume: Design and Decoration
Venue: The Royal Danish Collections in Copenhagen and Kulturen in Lund.
Vassilis Zidianakis & Myrsini Pichou: Atopos’ ‘Colorful Explosions: The 1960s American paper dress collection.

> ICOM Costume Committee, 21st General Conference of ICOM, 20-22August, 2007, Vienna, Austria
Theme: Costume and Heritage
Vassilis Zidianakis: ’From the Atopos Paper Fashion Collection to the RRRIPP! Paper Fashion Exhibition’