‘Airmail Dress’ by Hussein Chalayan. ATOPOS cvc Collection

From the beginning of its operation, ATOPOS has encouraged research-related collaborations with experts, artists, research groups or institutions in the context of the RRRIPP!! project. The aim was, and still is, to create new knowledge and to use existing facts in an unexpected, new and creative way in order to produce new concepts and understandings. The RRRIPP!! Collection itself began in 2005 in order to instigate research as well as to experiment with new exhibition concepts in an object-inspired manner.  The RRRIPP!!!Paper Fashion exhibitions as well as the RRRIPP!!Paper Fashion catalogue presented various aspects of the undertaken research.

The dissemination and communication of research results has always been a focal point into the organization’s policy, and over the years, ATOPOS cvc has been invited numerous times to present the RRRIPP!! Project in conferences, symposia, events, exhibitions or publications, such as art, fashion and educational periodicals and journals. Some of these can be seen below:


2019 / Jan 16-Feb24: #TextMe_PaperFashion, London
2013 / Jan 26-Apr 21: Pap(i)er fashion @ Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen
2011 / May 16-Jun 05: Paper Dresses // Chadstone, Melbourne
2010 / Apr 30-Aug01: Pap(i)er Fashion @ Museum Bellerive/Design Museum, Zürich
2009 / Sept 07-09: Paperdress // Fast Fashion Festival, Bologna
2009 / Mar 06-Au 16: Paper Fashion @ MoMu, Antwerp
2008-2009 / Oct 11-Feb 02: RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion @ Mudam, Luxembourg
2007 / Mar 01-Apr 29: RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion @ the Benaki Museum, Athens


2022 / Jun 10: ‘Worship Dresses Performance’ – collaboration with the Hyper Hypo bookstore in the context of the Athens Pride 2022, Athens
2022 /
May 28: ‘James Merill, ‘Self-Portrait in Tyvek Windbreaker’: Poetry and Clothing in RRRIP!! Collection of ATOPOS cvc‘ by Vassilis Zidianakis & Stamatina Dimakopoulou for the Hellenic Costume Society, Athens
2022 / May 21: ‘Japanese paper clothing in the RRRIPP!! Collection: Durability and disposability, Community and collaboration’ by Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran in the context of the International Museum Day by ICOM, Athens
/ Oct 04: ‘What will we wear in space?‘ by Vassilis Zidianakis & Myrsini Pichou, Athens
2017 / Feb 10-16: #OccupyAtoposLydiaKamitsis, Athens
2013-2014 / Oct-Feb: Pop Art Design // Barbican, London
2009 / Mar 06 – May 30: RRRIPP!! Conservation, Antwerp
2009-2010 / Oct-Feb: Art Nouveau Revival 1900.1933.1966.1974 // Musée d’Orsay, Paris
2007 / Mar 01 – Apr 29: RRRIPP!! Conservation, Athens


2022 / Sept 16: ‘The “Worship” dresses by Travis Hutchison in the ATOPOS cvc RRRIPP!! Collection’ by Myrsini Pichou
2022 /
Sept 16: ’“The ‘paper’ bikini: how long will it last?” Bikinis made of paper-like materials from the ATOPOS cvc collection by Myrsini Pichou
2021 / Dec 10: ”Crafted’ memory: nine paper dresses by Issey Miyake in the RRRIPP!! Collection of ATOPOS cvc’ by Myrsini Pichou
2021 / Jul 03: ”The ATOPOS cvc Paper Garment Collection: Where East meets West” by Stamos Fafalios & Myrsini Pichou
2021 / Jun 15: ‘The RIPPING ATOPOS project: re-using and re-designing paper dresses from the 1960s’ by Myrsini Pichou
2021 / Feb 01: ‘Tyvek® Stories from the ATOPOS cvc Collection’ by Myrsini Pichou
2020 / Dec 11: ‘Creating new objects for display: the ATOPOS RIPPING project‘ by Myrsini Pichou
2019 / Feb 19: ‘Walking Billboards or Wearable History?‘ by Myrsini Pichou, London
2019 / Jan 29: ‘Paper Dress: Future of History?‘ by José Teunissen, London
2016 / May 28: The 5th Symposium of the Hellenic Costume Society, Athens
2015 / May: The 6th Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry, Athens
2014 / Sept 12: ICOM Costume Annual Conference, Athens
2011 / May 18: International Museum Day by ICOM, Athens
2010 / Jun 10: Paper and Textile Symposium, Apeldoorn
2007 / Aug 20: ICOM Costume Committee // 21st General Conference of ICOM, Vienna
2006 / Oct 08-13: ICOM Costume Committee // 58th Annual Conference, Copenhagen-Lund


2020 / Costume, The Journal of the Costume Society, vol.54 (UK)
2014/ Art in Print, vol. 4 (UK)
2013 / Journal of Paper Conservation (DE)
2009 / Perfect Paper, by Page One Publishing (CA)
2009 / Fashion Theory, The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, vol.13, by Bloomsbury Publishing (USA)
2009 / Unfolded, published by Birkhäuser (SW)
2009 / PAPER: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut, published by Black Dog (UK)
2007 / RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion Catalogue, published by ATOPOS cvc (GR)
2008 / Collections, vol.19 (CA)