Photograph by Photoharrie. Source: http://popaganda.gr/o-kostis-fokas-den-bori-na-mas-diaveveosi-gia-tipota/

Kostis Fokas participated in the Occupy Atopos residency in the beginning of 2016. After this residency his work was presented in the Occupy Atopos #KostisFokas exhibition from January 28 until March 18.

His photographs, often taking the form of a personal diary, have been described as ‘a human sculpture testimony’ and as a ‘landscape where the paradox meets the ordinary’. Fokas uses his models as toys in a provocative and humorous manner, giving them the freedom to participate in the whole creative process. He often adds several tools and props, such as masks, sex toys or cheap cameras in his imagery, seeking to capture the moment, to encapsulate his subject between reality and fantasy.

Fokas’ influences include photographer Guy Bourdin, the Dada movement, Glitch Art and after-midnight scrolling on Tumblr among other things. Extensive tributes dedicated to his photography have been published in Metal Magazine, Beautiful/Decay, iGNANT, Lui, dazeddigital and many more international publications and websites.

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