Photograph: Photoharrie. Source: http://popaganda.gr/o-david-marinos-kani-tin-proti-tou-atomiki-ekthesi-sta-16

At the age of 16 David Marinos was invited to take part in the Occupy Atopos residency and his work was presented during the Occupy Atopos #DavidMarinos exhibition in Atopos from October 29 2014 until November 26 2014. Additionally, he was selected to be the third participant of the Mon Petit Chou programme initiated by ATOPOS cvc.

David Marinos discovered his passion for visual arts, collage and photography at an early age. Key elements of his work are his interest in colour, form, classicism and the human body through a process of personalisation, always resulting in the same unique, fresh and dynamic outcome. Marinos might be young, but his continuously evolving work, his digital presence and his activity in various fields are impressive: he has been the founder of Lucent Kids, a collective of young artists, and he has launched his own line of clothing titled Icey.