Oct 04 2019

"What will we wear in Space?"


72 Salaminos st.
104 35 Athens

ATOPOS cvc participates in the second Athens Culture Night with the title ‘Age is just a Number’. This year is dedicated to the 55+, because culture doesn’t have an age!

That evening ATOPOS cvc will present unique disposable ”foiled dresses” from the ‘60s, which belong to the ATOPOS cvc Paper Dress Collection. These dresses represented a space trend in fashion with references to the fabrics used in spacesuits. There will also be exhibited a paper dress printed with the newspaper clippings from the ‘Tacoma News Tribune’ referring to the 1969 Apollo 10 space mission.

The researcher Myrsini Pichou and the artistic director of ATOPOS cvc, Vassilis Zidianakis will do the presentation of the dresses.
The event will conclude with the workshop Capsule”. Inspired by Space Age fashion and guided by Christina Sotiropoulou, ArtEZ alumna, the visitors can design and wear their own creations

Date & Hours

Friday October 04th // 18:00-20:00


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