Nov 07 2018

"Between Us Girls x SCOPES"

"Between Us Girls x SCOPES"

Gartenstraße 6
10115 Berlin Mitte

Wed, November 07

16:00 - 19:00

Fluffy has developed a tufted infructescence full of furry asexual spores, produced from the meotic and mitotic processes of its somatic cells. After an adventurous journey to Berlin, one of them has already germinated there, later differentiating to a mass of fuzzy, book-containing cavities which invited the Pink Pony to accompany them.
Between us girls!

The little fluffy went to Berlin with its mommy, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, for a one-day event and private workshop for female empowerment that is called “Between Us Girls x SCOPES”, on the 7th of November at Secret Garden Berlin. It will hang out with the BADASS PRINTS, the independent and sex-positive brand from Barcelona who are going to do a live-printing session and also with Ena Lind who will lead a vinyl workshop for beginner female DJs. Little fluffy will transfer the most tasty books from its favorite artists, that you will be able to find through its fuzzy cavities.

The little fluffy and the Pink Pony will be back to ATOPOS cvc after their small adventure in Berlin to continue their co-habitation with all the furry little monsters who inhabit the space.
We would like to thank the scientific researcher Manos Bazanis, who helped us to observe the unusual behavior of Fluffy