Nov 09 2010

4FashionSake II

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

206 Piraeus str.
177 78 Athens

“The ancient Greeks used the word atopos to mean strange, unclassifiable, odd, eccentric, extraordinary, unnatural, displaced in space and time, out of place and absurd. Socrates was said to have been very atopos. In his book A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, Roland Barthes teases further meanings from this fascinating word: atopos is ‘of a ceaselessly unforeseen originality’, resisting ‘description, definition and language’ and ‘unqualifiable’. We are our bodies and yet our bodies – abstract constructions of our culture – are always and inevitably atopos to ourselves.”

Participating in 4FashionSake II by Ozon, ATOPOS cvc invites Ted Polhemus, the prominent anthropologist writer and photographer to give a style lecture on ‘Atopic Bodies’, a subject also discussed in Polhemus’ essay in Atopos’ latest publication, NOT A TOY Fashioning Radical Characters (Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin 2011).


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