Nov 06 2021



72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens
Saturday 6/11, 18:00-20:00

Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή

In the context of the #OccupyAtopos #AlexisFidetzis #RevoltingBodies / Exhibition I, ATOPOS invites the artist Aggeliki Bozou with the video installation – performance ”Benito Cereno”.
The performance draws its narrative material from Herman Melville’s novela Benito Cereno. The text narrates the tale of the slave revolt of a Spanish merchant ship of 1799. As readers, we follow the conflicts and the spiritual ambivalence of captain Deleino’s thoughts, without drawing a clear conclusion whether it is an anti-racist text or whether the master stands in favor of the institution of slavery. What is certain is that the author, as a forerunner of Freud and his thought, tries to give the floor to all the different voices that the mind of the protagonist expresses.
The video installation of Aggeliki Bozou, intends to illustrate in an abstract and poetic way the fluidity of Master Deleino’s rhetoric, emphasizing the repetitive changes that the mind manages to express. The piece presented is an installation of fresh clay, dough and ceramic elements, which is constantly changing by the artist as an actor reads excerpts of the book, accompanied by live music.

 The text is a proposal of the curator Alexis Fidetzis
 Installation, video: Aggeliki Bozou
 Narration: Nelli Poulopoulou
 Music: Valli Ioannou

About Aggeliki Bozou:
Aggeliki Bozou was born in Athens in 1982. She holds both an MFA(2016) and a BFA(2011) from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2011) while she has also studied graphic design (Vakalo School, 2003) and theater (Askisi Theater Company, 2014). In 2011 she was the recipient of the first prize of the Giannis and Zois Spyropoulos Foundation and in 2019 she was awarded by ARTWORKS within the context of the 2nd SNF Artists Support Program.
In recent years her practice mainly revolves around the moving image through handmade techniques of stop motion, animation and paper constructions that produce repetitive movement. The work approaches the concept of documentary art but in a rather artistic manner, using real elements that come from the subconscious, such as dreams and testimonies and presents the result to the public through live screenings, accompanied by live music. For the needs of each live or videotaped action, Bozou uses different techniques such as digital collages, ceramics, prints, painting, scanned photography, etc.
Her works have been presented in Greece and abroad: The Right to silence? _GREECE in USA_Undercurrent (NYC), Family Business Gallery (NYC), Netting the Work Berlin (Germany), Cairo Video Festival (Egypt), Dirty Linen-Family Business Handmade at the Benaki Museum, the Vorre Museum, the Costume Museum of the Lyceum of Greek Women, the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, the House of Letters and Arts, the Athens Biennale, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, etc.

Saturday 6th of November / 18:00 – 20:00

Admission Free