Sep 2016 - Jul 2017

Atopos cvc

72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

ATOPOS cvc proudly announces its collaboration with documenta 14 in Athens in the context of its artist residency programme from September 2016 to July 2017. During this partnership a number of documenta14 artists participate in the Occupy Atopos Residency and work on their project for documenta 14. The first artist in residence during this collaboration was Bouchra Khalili, who stayed in Atopos premises from September 8 until December 14. Neving Aladag, Daniel Knorr and Ibrahim Mahama, who followed after her, stayed and worked in the Atopos premises until April 30. This partnership reaches its end with Salvatore Lacagnina and Paolo Do, curators of Studio 14, who will be staying in ATOPOS cvcfrom May 1 to July 30.

Occupy Atopos Residency originated in 2014 in the Atopos headquarters in the heart of Athens and it has hosted photographer Ren Hang, artist-critic Clo’e Floirat and Paris-based fashion curator Lydia Kamitsis, amongst others. Its mission is to observe and assist in a supportive way the creative process and progress of contemporary artists; it is curated by Vassilis Zidianakis.  Occupy Atopos Residency takes place in Atopos headquarters, 72 Salaminos str, which has been declared a historic monument and a work of art by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Documenta was initiated by Arnold Bode in 1955 and became one of the most important exhibitions worldwide taking place in Kassel every five years. Its 14th edition, under the artistic direction of Adam Szycmzyc, will take place in two cities for the first time, i.e. in Athens, Greece, and in Kassel, Germany. The twofold structure and specific timing of documenta 14, with a five-week overlap between the two exhibitions that will constitute it, presupposes that the participating artists are invited to think about both contexts while conceiving and presenting their work for the project in both locations.