Nov 17 2022


Online via ZOOM

ATOPOS cvc is participating at the online conference and interdisciplinary platform Critical Costume 2022 themed “Connections” and convened by the Queensland University of Technology and the National Institute Dramatic Arts in Australia, Aalto University (Finland) and the Grafias da Cena Brasil Association (Brazil).
The conference will take place between 17th and 20th November.
Myrsini Pichou, ATOPOS cvc Research Advisor for its RRRIPP!! Collection will present ”The “Worship” dresses by Travis Hutchison in the ATOPOS cvc RRRIPP!! Collection: connecting TYVEK™ as a material for performance experimentation and drag history”. The paper dresses created by the VR artist Travis Hutchison in the context of the publication of his “Worship” photographic album in 2007. In “Worship”, Hutchison captured the gay, drag and punk scene of East Village ‘Pyramid Club’ in New York during the 1990s. With excerpts from interviews with Travis Hutchison and Vassilis Zidianakis, ATOPOS cvc artistic director, the presentation will discuss the various aspects behind the creation of the dresses and their use as costume for experimentation by the organisation.

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*The presentation will be delivered in English.


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