Jun 21 - 25 2004

Ptychoseis = Folds and Pleats

The Ionic Center

11 Lissiou str.
105 56 Athens

In conjunction with the ‘Ptychoseis = Folds and Pleats. Drapery from Ancient Greek Dress to 21st Century Fashion’ exhibition and in collaboration with the Hellenic Costume Society, the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation organises the ‘Ptychoseis – Multiple Meanings’ conference, a four-day International Conference on the sartorial convention of historical and contemporary types of wrapped and pleated garments.
The conference is divided into various themes relating to pleated garments and drapery, such as: ‘Technology’ (pleating techniques, conservation), ‘History’, ‘Art’, ‘Ethnology’, ‘Archaeology’, ‘Theatre’ and ‘Natural Sciences’. Aimed for an international array of costume and fashion specialists, archaeologists, ethnologists, social anthropologists, art historians and contemporary fashion designers, the conference is offering an insight into the tradition and fashion for pleats, the ancient Greek costume, draped and wrapped garments of ethnological interest, techniques of pleat-making and the depiction of pleats in works of art.
Vassilis Zidianakis participates in the conference with a lecture on the traditional Greek dress ‘fustanella’ which includes a screening of ‘Infusion’ and is titled ‘The fustanella in Marcus Tomlinson’s film Infusion: fashion and tradition’.