Nov 07 - Dec 21 2013

curated by HOPE

The Breeder

45 Iasonos st
104 36 Athens

ATOPOS cvc has been invited to participate in NOTEMPLE, a group exhibition at the Breeder Gallery, Athens, curated by gallery artist HOPE.

Created especially for this show, ATOPOS cvc presented ‘Slaves to Atopos #12: My Body Is My Temple’ by Anthimos Ntagkas, a personal anthology in the form of a mega-zine, acted as a visual vocabulary for NOTEMPLE. This 208-page book (ed. of 3) was published in the context of Atopos’ ongoing theme of research on the human body and sexual practices in the digital era.

Participating artists: Tobias Bernstrup, Marc Charpentier MCPM, Kristin Eketoft, Vassilis H, HOPE, Miltos Manetas, Anthimos Ntagkas + ATOPOS cvc, Nikos Paleologos, Spyros Staveris, Palle Torsson, Kon Trubkovich, Kandis Williams