Mar 07 2024

ATOPOS cvc presents its new program affective archives, which explores the possibilities ready to be enacted and released in our organization’s archive. ATOPOS cvc has always been interested in the expression and adornment of the human body. This has also been the driving force for the archive, which contains a collection of paper clothing, items from the library, and various fashion and art exhibition ephemera. The archive has developed through an intuitive approach, accumulating different objects, artworks, books and zines, always in the orbit of art and fashion.

Acknowledging the archive as an endless process in search of every impulse used in creating and mobilizing it, the invited collaborators will cover a wide range of relations with archival practices. Researchers, artists, musicians, conservators, scientists, cultural workers, designers and djs will pursue all the different associations, points of contact or conflict they may encounter throughout the archive.

Raising questions on the affective and re-enactive aspects of memory the invited collaborators will explore this affective archive as a process of memory-making, exploring the histories of the objects as well as the histories told through the bodies.