Dec 06 - Dec 10 2011

Post Digital Monsters | Pictoplasma Festival

Galerie Jean-Marc Thevenet

32 Rue de Montmorency
75003 Paris

ATOPOS cvc and Shoboshobo’s giants have been invited to participate in the exhibition ‘Post Digital Monsters’ at La Gaîté Lyrique, organised on the occasion of Pictoplasma Festival. Parallel to the Pictoplasma Festival, from December 6th to 10th a tour entitled the ‘Character Walk’, through numerous galleries and project spaces, made the vibrant character art scene of Paris visible. One of Shoboshobo’s giants left La Gaîté Lyrique’s space and has installed himself at the Galerie Jean-Marc Thevenet, where Shoboshobo was also presenting a series of drawings.