Dec 12 & 19 2022

Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή

Monday 12 & 19 December 2022 // 16:00pm  – walk
Starting from the corner of Ploutarchou and Xenocratous Str. In Kolonaki, for info contact: @jamesmerrillscoat (Instagram)]

You are invited at the corner of Ploutarchou and Xenocratous Str. In Kolonaki for a walk that retraces James Merrill’s itinerary in “Days of 1964” with the artist Tatian Choremi. The poem has been translated into Greek by Stathis Gourgouris and published online by the magazine Χάρτης.
Merril is one of the most idiosyncratic and unclassifiable poets of the American poetic tradition, the only son of the second wife of the investment banker Charles E. Merrill, co- Merrill Lynch. Choremi’s piece takes as its point of departure, “Self-Portrait in Tyvek Windbreaker TM” the penultimate poem of Merrill’s last collection, A Scattering of Salts, published a few months after his death. Merrill was diagnosed with HIV in 1986, and his “self-portrait” expresses the anxiety and the troubled emotional state of his weakened body. Wearing the Tyvek windbreaker, Merrill sets a counterpoint between the ‘unrippable,’ ‘durable’ mass-produced Tyvek jacket and his own decline and vulnerability. The world
map that is imprinted on the world map of the jacket that is part of ATOPOS’s RRRIIPP!! collection is the primary canvas on which Merrill records thoughts and images from and about his own life.
In Choremi’s “James Merrill’s Coat,” participants are actively involved in the piece. After the walk, participants can engage with the piece and leave their impressions and interact with the work on the platform
Langdon Hammer, James Merrill’s biographer will be joining us for the walk on MONDAY 12 DECEMBER at 16pm.

The artist will be accompanying visitors and participants also on MONDAY 19 DECEMBER at 16.00pm