Nov 09 2018

Crumbs that Chondros and Katsiani left behind to find their way.


72 Salaminos str.
104 35 Athens

Opening: 09/11, 20:00 - 23:00

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curation: Fil Ieropoulos

Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani worked for more than thirty years in public high schools in Greece, but also for three years abroad as philologists / classics teachers. This means that from time to time they taught ancient Greek language and literature from the original texts and in translation, modern Greek language and literature, history of various periods, Latin, psychology, sociology, philosophy, political education, management and production, as well as office administration. It is clear that they taught many of these subjects without having previously studied them themselves, because philologists are treated as a type of Renaissance man. This perception followed Chondros and Katsiani also in the rest of their non-professional pursuits. Thus, they dealt with the visual arts (creatively and writing theoretical texts, organising events, operating art spaces), with music mainly through the trio Dimosioipalliliko Retire but also on their own or in collaborations (playing, singing, writing pieces of various styles – they were even given an award for their music), they operated a pirate radio station, they founded a science field (the zoo-garden-ology), they inspired a religion (of the Deus Ex Machina), they created the Center for Research on the Definition of Happiness, and they, of course, wrote poems and prose (their most recent release being the novel “Six to Seven” by Charama editions). They currently take part in mountain road races with the group “Anonymous Rationalists”. Following this schematic and therefore incomplete list of occupations, the need for a moral emerges. What is the purpose of such a course, what is the aim of a behaviour that competes with the ball of pinball machines? The aim is for one to maintain their clarity despite the speed and duration of the phenomena they face and to which they are exposed.

Art historian Areti Leopoulou and composer Costis Drygianakis will speak of this clarity in the course of Chondros and Katsiani. The evening will be completed by Chondros and Katsiani themselves who will introduce their own personal alphabet primer. By contrasting the standard order of the alphabetical sequence to chaos and a signification disorder of word entries, they will reveal the fable-like nature of everyday life.


Talks: Friday 9 November, 20:00 – 23:00

Duration of the exhibition: 12-14/11, 12:00-18:00 & 15-18/11, 14:00-20:00

 Entrance Free

ATOPOS cvc inaugurates the #TextMe project, a year of actions and events on books and text in media arts in the context of UNESCO’s ‘Athens 2018, World Book Capital’. #TextMe was an original concept by Atopos artistic director Vassilis Zidianakis. Within this context, researcher Fil ieropoulos has curated #TextMe_Lab, a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and residencies of artists and academics at Atopos. The projects will revolve around the thematic of using text in artistic forms and interdisciplinary language applications. Some of the main points of interest of the programme are visual poetry, word and screen relationships, spoken word and the boundaries between poetry and sound art, as well as modern linguistic phenomena in online pop culture and new media.

“On Clarity between Velocity and Duration.” is the seventh event of #TextMe_Lab.

More info:το-μπιτόνι


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