Oct 23 & 24 2021

collaboration with the initiative dëcoloиıze hellάş

Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή


In the context of the #OccupyAtopos #AlexisFidetzis #RevoltingBodies / Exhibition I, ATOPOS hosts the initiative dëcoloиıze hellάş and the project Monumentøclasm: Anticolonial Imagination Workshop.
The two-day closed event will be hosted on the 23rd & 24th of October.

In the context of this collaboration, on Sunday the 24th of October at 12:30pm, live at ATOPOS cvc Instagram, the artist, researcher and curator Alexis Fidetzis, will present a selection of his artworks of the #RevoltingBodies exhibition. He will also talk for the collaboration with the dëcoloиıze hellάş.

More info about the project Monumentøclasm: Anticolonial Imagination Workshop of the initiative dëcoloиıze hellάş


Members of the working group for Memory-Monuments of dëcoloиıze hellάş, the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum and the akoo-o collective will take part in the weekend’s actions.

dëcoloиıze hellάş: Penelope Papailias, Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Thessaly, where she is director of the Laboratory of Social Anthropology and the Pelion Summer Lab for Cultural Theory and Experimental Humanities, Thomas Western, Lecturer of Social and Cultural Geography at UCL and member of the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum, Cynthia Malakasis, anthropologist and instructor at the Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University &  Alexis Fidetzis, Astist, Historian & Doctoral Candidate at Athens School of Fine Arts.

Syrian and Greek Youth Forum: is an international activism movement based in Athens. They have been working together as active citizens since 2018, drawing on their diverse backgrounds, and building a platform for citizenship. Read more..

akoo-o collective: Αkoo-o is a group of artists and researchers that use sound and mobility as vehicles of expression and social inquiry. Read more..