Jul 17 2011

ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion @ the Benaki Museum, Athens

Benaki Museum

138 Pireos st.
118 54 Athens

“How are we supposed to read a body without a face? Is it even human? And if it isn’t human, what is it – a doll, a robot, an alien, a cartoon character, or merely a sculptural form? Here, fashion is not so much about ‘who I am’ (the impression I make with what I wear), but ‘what I experience’ (the effects that this body and appearance have on my brain).”

As part of the parallel programme of the ‘ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion’ exhibition, ATOPOS cvc invites José Teunissen, one of the contributors of NOT A TOY, Atopos’ new publication, to guide us through the exhibition, examining the theme of individual identity and how it is affected and formed by the contemporary fashion, using the exhibits as examples.

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