Sep 13 2023

Fashion Research Symposium 2023

21 September 2023
International Library of Fashion Research

 Για την Ελληνική Εκδοχή

ATOPOS cvc participates in Fashion Research Symposium 2023 a collaboration between the National Museum of Norway and International Library of Fashion Research. The theme for 2023 is “Designing Beyond Human”.

This year’s edition extends on the exhibition “Oltre Terra. Why Wool Matters” at the National Museum, and leading Norwegian and international researchers and practitioners are gathered to delve into the complex relationship between human and animal in the field of design at large. How can the informed choices designers make in their daily practice make room for a more-than-human coexistence, for a new ethology?

Vasillis Zidianakis & Steffi Stouri will present a talk entitled From Paper Dresses Past to our Compromised Reality.

Inspired by Issey Miyake’s nine work-in-progress pieces made from paper for the 2008 exhibition XXIst Century Man, held at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo, we will focus on the traditional practices that informed Miyake’s practice as well as his vision and the fear that dominated the beginning of the new millennium. The work entitled Pleats dress, paper trial, research process 2007 was donated as a whole from Miyake Design Studio, and after Issey Miyake’ s wish, to the RRRIPP!! Collection of ATOPOS cvc in Athens (GR), which consists entirely of paper garments. Although Miyake was influenced by traditional Japanese practices of paper-making and paper-garment-making, these designs completely abandon any formalist or utilitarian approach. Instead they allow the designer to explore a reciprocal relationship between material and form. These bold experiments are testaments that despite fashion’s traditional involvement in unsustainable practices, there have always been pioneers in fashion, experimenting with their fears of today and hopes for tomorrow.

Fashion Research Symposium is free for all, with limited capacity.