In 2010 Atopos cvc launched its new space at 72 Salaminos street, in the heart of the Metaxourgio area. The original builiding had been an old abandoned house which was transformed into a contemporary professional space by CF Company in 2006. In its primary state it was a typical Athenian residence of 1912 with a yard, a loggia on the upper floor and neoclassical influences but also modern form quests of the time.

With great respect for the original form of the building, the residence on Salaminos street was renovated in a manner which managed to preserve the original form of the building reproducing the slightest detail with respect, while at the same time making it exude a modern aesthetic. The building of 72 Salaminos street has been converted into a living organism: this is where Atopos’ offices, exhibition space and library are housed. Additionally, this is where  the largest paper fashion collection in the world, i.e. the Atopos Paper Dress Collection, originally presented through the RRIPP!! Paper Fashion exhibition, is conserved.  Atopos cvc has evolved into a unique, creative meeting place for ideas and people and occasionally hosts workshops, discussions, performances, lectures, cultural events and exhibitions related to its programmes and researches.

In 2014 and 2016 Atopos building was included in the Open House Athens programme through CF Company.

Architectural Plans